Sunday, January 9, 2011

Accelerated Math

Accelerated Math is a program that we use at PDS to supplement our math curriculum. The kids work at their own pace and level to complete a series of practice exercises and tests. They are then graded by the computer via scan card and the computer determines the next series of objectives for each student to work on. The great thing about Accelerated Math is the abundance of reports and useful features for the teacher. I can see immediately who is not understanding certain concepts and I can print out custom support for the students who need it. Meanwhile, the students who understand quickly are able to progress without being help up for reteaching. It is individualized instruction at it's best and a great way to have students practice math skills. I have already started AM with a small group of students, but last week I introduced it to the whole class. The reason that I wait until after Christmas is because it can be a management nightmare. Kids are in all different places, it is reading intensive, and it requires kids to be able to bubble in a scan card and scan it independently. I am anticipating some bumps along the way, but hopefully the program will be running smoothly in no time!