Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monarch Shirts!

Each year I have my class paint shirts that go along with our class theme. The kids love this activity and enjoy wearing their shirts on Fridays and on field trips.

We completed our shirts on Friday and let them dry over the weekend. Today I let each kiddo put on their shirt for some fun class photos. Enjoy!


S. Parker

What a great idea! Can you explain a little more how you did it? How much fabric paint did it take? I teach first. Would little ones be able to handle this?

Mrs. McComish

Thanks! Each child brings a plain white shirt at the beginning of the year. I actually put it on my supply list. Then I find a picture of what I want on the shirts and either free hand it larger or blow it up in the copy machine (darken it too). Then I have parents take the shirts and a bunch of sharpies and trace the pattern onto each shirt. I put a large piece of construction paper inside each shirt so that the front doesn't stick to the back when the paint is drying. Before painting I model how to do it and explain that the paint will stain clothes. The kids spread out and begin with just black paint for the outline and veins of the butterfly. Once that step is done I give them the orange. Really it would be better to have the black dry before painting the orange but I don't like having the mess for more than an afternoon! Let them dry over night and then take the paper out.

I have a class of 25 and used about 2 1/2 bottles of each color. I think first graders would be fine especially if you have parents come in to help. It's important that they don't walk around the room because inevitably someone will step in paint and track it around the room or accidentally paint something with their brush. Overall it's a fun, worthwhile project. Good luch to you!

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