Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What a Bunch of Clowns!

What a successful first day! All of the children were very well behaved. I was especially pleased with how well they used manners and spoke kindly to each other. I always make sure to point out to the students when I hear someone speak in this way.

All of the children earned time this afternoon to "clown" around. Not literally, but we are learning how to juggle! Juggling is great for eye hand coordination, timing, and learning how to be patient and persistent. The students earn a few minutes of juggling time each day if they can beat me on the daily scoreboard. The daily scoreboard goes along with "Whole Brain Teaching", which is the method I use for classroom management. If you would like to learn more about it you can go here. Click on "first steps" to view the techniques that are used in my classroom. If you would like to see how some of these techniques work in a first grade classroom, you can view a video here.

I took a video clip of our little clowns juggling, but I can't post it until have permission from all of you! I will be sending home a form tomorrow. If you do not want your child on this blog (no names will ever be used with pictures/video) please make sure to indicate that on the form. See you tomorrow for our next update!


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