Monday, August 1, 2011

Birthday Fun!

I figure I would post twice today due to my foreseen absence from the blog world at some point this year. Yesterday I finished my birthday board. I am very proud of this board considering it is 100% MY IDEA! That doesn't happen very often folks. I am queen of stalking other teachers on the Internet and stealing their ideas. Now I do have to put a disclaimer out there. I didn't search FOREVER on this one like I normally do. So there could quite possibly be another birthday board somewhere similar to mine. For now I will claim it as my own (it makes me feel better!)

Are you ready?

Once again my camera (and the glare from the shiny bags) don't do the actual product any justice. Basically I used dollar store bags (3 for a dollar at Dollar Tree), curly cue present decorations (4 for a dollar) and sparkly foam letters (Walmart- $5 a bag but I've used these for tons of projects!) on the front of the bags for the months. Then I took some leftover foam bookmarks that I had and made gift bag tags. On the tags (the pics don't show this well) I used small foam letters to put on the names of the birthday kids on each tag. I hot glued the whole mess up and stepped back to admire my work. Please don't tell me if it's not as cute as I think it is!