Thursday, August 11, 2011

Simple and Pretty Darn Cute!

I have received many questions about the purpose of these balloons other than the obvious- they make the classroom look really cute! Our school has a Meet the Teacher night before school starts. This is an informal hour of time that parents bring their students to school to find their spot, meet the teacher, pick up materials, and get familiar with the room before school officially begins. If you look closely at the balloons, you will see that each one has a student's name written on it. I use them so that the students can quickly locate their seat when they come in the room. They also serve as little welcome gifts that the students take with them when they leave for the night. I order the balloons from Fry's (our Kroger grocery store) the morning of Meet the Teacher Night and then pick them up a few hours before students arrive. Simple, fun, and a great way to welcome kids to second grade!!


Mandy T.

I was thinking about doing the balloon thing, too. I was wondering about having the students write a goal for the year on them and doing a balloon release on the first morning of school after Back to School Night???

Inspired Writing Teacher

I really love this idea! How fun!!


Lacie Harris

I love this idea! I plan on using it on Back to School night. My teaching partner and I have contemplated hosting a "Meet the Teachers" night, especially since a job hare is a new hosting for our school. Any tips for getting the rest of the school on board??

Mrs. McComish

@Mandy, I love that idea! What a great way for the kids to visualize their goals. @Beth, Thank you so much! @Lacie, our Meet the Teacher night is required by contract for the entire district. It may be very similar to you Back to School night. We have a more formal Open House after we've been in school for a few weeks. I think many teachers like the informality of the MTT night as opposed to the more formal Open House. Good Luck with whatever you decide!

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