Monday, August 9, 2010

Books, Books, Books!!

I love Scholastic. I honestly think I'm addicted to buying books for my classroom. It is so much fun to introduce a new book to a class full of eager readers. They love reading new books and I can't blame them... there is nothing quite like the feel and smell of a new book in your hands.

Which brings me to the point of this blog. I don't consider myself to be a Scholastic pusher, but I can't help myself the first month of every year. Scholastic is offering 10 TIMES the bonus points plus 4000 extra on top of that! That is HUGE in terms of just how many free books we can get into the hands of the kiddos!!! I am begging and pleading all of you (my parents....not sure who all is reading my blog!) PLEASE help us get to $200 total so that we can get the full amount of bonus points this month.

Here is the link to parent ordering

I am also putting the link permanently of the top right of the blog. Our class activation code is GKMR6

I apologize that I am only providing Lucky this time. In order to get the benefit of the bonus points the orders have to be from one catalog. I will send the other forms in future months.

THANK YOU!!!! I appreciate your support of our classroom!!

Here is a quick video of the kids juggling on Friday! Sorry that it's a little dark, with the overhead lights on it's washed out..I will figure out the lighting soon!


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